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Freeze Chamber or Game Changer?

Freeze chamber or game changer?

My cryotherapy experience.

I've never been diligent about a post workout self care routine. I rarely take the time to stretch and often miss the optimal window for post workout protein intake. So let's face it... post ride ice bath?! Never happening! I'm the queen of convenience so upon hearing about a 3 minute recovery solution I was all in. Arriving at Grace Medical Aesthetics I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but excited for a potential sore leg solution. Stripping down to knee socks and mittens I entered a body sized chamber and braced for the cold front. Liquid nitrogen releases to bring the skin's temperature down to a lovely -220 F / -140 C... good times. Thankfully, the incredible Grace staff kept me distracted for the whole 3 minutes. Immediately, I felt oddly invigorated, refreshed and of course, chilly. As the evening progressed I noticed my tight post ride quads felt a little less tense. The following morning was the true test... typically after smoking my legs the next ride is a torture session, but this time I felt darn good! I had a noticeable enhanced recovery from the cryotherapy session. I'm now a regular and a believer! Cryotherapy is believed to also help in boosting your immune system, energy, metabolism and can even potentially help chronic inflammatory issues such as rheumatoid arthritis. Though I prefer to feel toasty like my morning corn muffin this freezer gets a ✅ for being a game changer!

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