This shop is purely my favorite things made in partnership with equally as passionate brands. A portion of all proceeds from Purely's Pieces goes to The Audubon Society.


Your personal affirmation delivered by video from Purely Palmer  

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Personalized Video Affirmations


The Plan:

Picking positivity with the help of a buddy system approach. I will help you build this habit through using a century old mind over matter tool: Affirmations.

  • The affirmation survey engages you to question your habits and automatic thought process.

  • The affirmation gives you the power to pick the new and improved thought process.

  • I make it stressless, personalized, convenient and doable.


  1. Purchase your affirmation plan

  2. A survey created by me will arrive to your e-mail each week for you to complete

  3. Within 48 hours I will customize a personal affirmation and send it to you as a video

  4. Stay committed and be mindful! Don't worry we will work together on this

Order Your Affirmation

Each week complete a survey and based on your answers I will personally personalize an affirmation video for you - providing you with a weekly source of positive vibes and inspiration.

  • ​Weekly affirmation survey

  • 1 personalized affirmation video a week 

  • 10 minute weekly Skype call


Note: (Option on survey to request affirmation to come as a printed e-mail affirmation insted of video e-mail)

$24.00 per week


Cap |  Kit  |  Bracelet |  Essential Oils  

Donut Mess With My Ride-time Cycling Cap
Bello x Purely Palmer

Behind the Design

Behind the design was simple... everyone loves a post ride donut! How could we go wrong?!

Inspired by my @purely_palmer cycling stat IG posts, the cap transforms the classic cycling accessory into a funky, riding essential.


Donut + Bike = Win

 $21.23  |  €18.00

Large Bead
Small Bead
PosiLIVE Bracelet
Shaman Sisters x Purely Palmer

Designed to provide a physical reminder while you move towards living in a postive state of mind.

Labradorite gemstone:

  • Transformation

  • Self Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Protection


  • Natural diffusing stone for esstential oils

  • Shedding emotional attachment

  • Calming

Silver Plated Stardust Bead:

  • Placed directly across from the Lava to symbolize Yin and Yang - interconnection and unity


Multiple sizing options at checkout.


Perfectly paired with Purely Palmer custom affirmations and essential oils.

Purely's Purpose Trio Oils
Divine Scents x Purely Palmer

Essential oils in a variety of scents to help unify your mind, body and spirit needs.

3 signature oils (sold seperately or as a trio)

All oils are:

  • Small Batch

  • 100 % organic

  • Wild crafted and unsprayed

Crafted to pair with Purely Palmer's custom weekly affirmations and PosiLIVE healing stone bracelet.


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$18.99 to $27.99 Each

$69.99 Trio 


  • Jojoba

  • Rosemary

  • Balsam Fir

  • Lemon

  • Nutmeg

Blend of fresh tones to keep you uplifted, energized and eager.


  • Rosewood

  • Vanilla

  • Sandalwood

  • Damiana

  • Jasmine

Blend of spicy, sensual and sweet tones to encourage creativity, inner power, self love and confidence.


  • Lavender

  • Bergamot

  • Jasmine

  • Sandalwood

  • Cedarwood


Blend of earth tones to promote tranquility, anti-anxiety and ease stress.

Purely's Seasonal Scent
Divine Scents x Purely Palmer

An essential oil blend inspired by the natural aroma of the season.

Late Summer Breeze

  • Sandalwood

  • Magnolia

  • Bitter Orange 

  • Lime

Blend of soft and revitalizing tones embodying the late summer and early autumn air.

Crafted to pair with Purely Palmer's custom weekly affirmations and PosiLIVE healing stone bracelet.

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