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Your personal affirmation delivered by video from Purely Palmer  

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Personalized Video Affirmations


The Plan:

Picking positivity with the help of a buddy system approach. I will help you build this habit through using a century old mind over matter tool: Affirmations.

  • The affirmation survey engages you to question your habits and automatic thought process.

  • The affirmation gives you the power to pick the new and improved thought process.

  • I make it stressless, personalized, convenient and doable.


  1. Purchase your affirmation plan

  2. A survey created by me will arrive to your e-mail each week for you to complete

  3. Within 48 hours I will customize a personal affirmation and send it to you as a video

  4. Stay committed and be mindful! Don't worry we will work together on this

Order Your Affirmation

Each week complete a survey and based on your answers I will personally personalize an affirmation video for you - providing you with a weekly source of positive vibes and inspiration.