I am on a Tour de Soul journey towards harmony.  After spending years of my life seeking sources of quick happiness and feeling left unfulfilled I decided it was time to shift my gears. My mission is to explore routes that deepen my connection to my true self and allow me to discover ways to share my passions.

Through cycling, yoga, running and writing I have reunited with my inner strength and self-love. In this, my message was found:  Be you, believe in you and be kind.  My ride is just beginning, but I am forever grateful I started pedaling with purpose.

Join me here and on Instagram @purely_palmer for a community of good energy, non-judgment and personal growth. Every day I'm humbled and inspired by the little world we have created.

Hope you enjoy your ride through my site!

Purely Palmer custom Franco bike
Purely Palmer custom Franco Bike


Your personal affirmation delivered by video from Purely Palmer

Purely's Affirmations

What is an affirmation?

My affirmation definition is: Mindfully picking our thoughts and directing our focus towards the creation of a goal, intention and balanced state of living.

How can I help?

Let's face it, your plate is probably already full and jumpstarting a new habit isn't easy without accountability. I'm here to make it simple and fun!

Bello x Purely Palmer Donut Mess With My Ride Cycling Cap


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